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More Frequently Asked Questions about Xpecia will be added with your answers. Isn’t your doubt here? Contact us and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Main causes of hair loss are hereditary, genetic or hormonal and generally linked to the DHT hormone. XPECIA helps to reduce the harmful effects of this hormone. 

Xpecia contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy hair and scalp.

Xpecia blocks DHT, which is the main cause of hair loss in men.

Xpecia improves hair quality.

Xpecia prolongs the anagen phase.

Xpecia increases hair growth.

Xpecia does not cause weight gain.

XPECIA tablets are for oral use only.

For best results, the patient should take this tablet twice daily for the first one to two months and then once daily.

The treatment period and dosage should be adapted to the needs of the patient and the severity of the problem.

XPECIA contains:

– Saw palmetto: Blocks DHT (main cause of hair loss in men and women).

– Ginkgo biloba: Increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and helps to dilate them.

– Biotin: Promotes hair and scalp health.

– Pantothenic acid: Increases hair quality.

– Folic acid: promotes cell renewal.

– Zinc: Inhibits hair growth and promotes the healthy growth of new hair.

– L-Cysteine: Improves hair strength and protects against dryness and breakage.

– Keratin: provides protein for the hair, strengthens the hair and promotes hair growth.

– Isoflavone: Balances hormones naturally without side effects.

The manufacturer’s recommended dose is as follows:

Oral use only

Take two pills a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

We recommend 2 pills a day for 1 year and then 1 pill a day.

But a patient can take the first 3 months 2 pills and then continue with 1 pill a day.

But if you have a hair transplant operation, you should take 2 pills a day for at least 6 months and then 1 pill a day.

Recommended dosages are 2 pills per day. But after 3 or 6 months it depends on the patient. We personally insist on taking it twice a day for a minimum of 1 year.

Every year you have to rest for 15 days. If it stops your fall, you can stop taking it for 45 or 50 more days. But if the fall comes back you can keep taking it without any problems. In this way we do not get used to the body to these components.

The treatment period and dose should be adjusted according to the patient’s needs and the severity of the problem.

Xpecia is a product of Turkish origin and they are imported legally by us. We have a health registration number and have been verified by the medical services of Foreign Health of Spain.

Xpecia Pharmaceutical Laboratory manufacturer
TEKstil Sa’l’k Kozmetik Tic.

We recommend not to buy Xpecia from any seller, it is known that there are many fake copies and these have not passed the appropriate medical checks. is an official seller and distributor of Xpecia Male & Woman

Side effects observed using Xpecia are almost non-existent. Whenever their doses are respected and if any symptoms occur it is usually mild in nature, for example, stomach discomfort such as burning or mild stomach pain but in very rare cases. In high doses there may be some gastrointestinal discomfort, hence the importance of respecting the recommended doses.

The use of Xpecia is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, nor is it recommended for use in children under 12 years of age.
If you take any drug treatment, you should consult with your doctor for possible side effects between Saw palmetto and your medication.
It may de-effectively de-effectively de-treat estrogen-based treatments such as oral contraceptives.

Xpecia like any food supplement based on Saw palmetto should be taken with caution and consult with your doctor if you already take any chronic treatment to ensure compatibility, if you take oral anticoagulants (Type Sintron or eparin) you should take in note that the Saw palmetto can enhance its effects. Consult with your doctor to regulate the dose of the drug.

No, xpecia is inficious for anyone with male or female alopecia problems and you do not need to have had a hair transplant operation to use it, but in fact if you plan to do such an operation it is advisable to start taking xpecia more or less a year earlier.

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We said it before, it depends on each person, the progress of Xpecia varies depending on the constancy and alopecia itself of each person. I’m going to show you two cases for now, close and real 100×100. I don’t want to lie like a lot of magical products that put modified photos with photoshop or anything like that. This is real, they are friends and acquaintances who have ceded their photos so that you can see that it works!!

This case is very close to a friend, with a diffuse alopecia, which recovers it in just 3 months taking Xpecia.

treatment xpecia 3 months
Progress of hair gain by taking xpecia men in just 3 months of treatment

This case as you can see is a more severe alopecia. It goes from being quite bald to having hairs that almost covered the crown. Xpecia takeover period about 8 months. This person started treatment to try to repopulate as much as possible before surgery. So have more hair and need fewer implants.

Frequently Asked Questions about Xpecia

If you take Xpecia and want to show us your progress you can send us the photos and we will publish it in this section. Send them to our mail

We added a new case of a known person, it is his case already began to mark the famous horseshoe in the area of the crown, as well as some very advanced entrances. In just 3 months it has recovered to 100×100 and is very happy with the results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Xpecia

Yes, you can take Xpecia being a woman, both the male and the female version.

Now, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you can only take Xpecia Woman. Even though the components are the same Xpecia woman comes more focused on women and brings as added Iron. Apart from bringing less saw Palmetto and a few more ingredients. However, whenever you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor about it.

As a general rule, your libido goes up.

Incontrast, Finasteride and dutasteride, testosterone that is not transformed into DHT is transformed into aromatase which is an estrogen (female hormone) hence lowers libido and feminizing effects such as gynecomastia (breast growth in men).

However the saw palmetto testosterone that does not convert into DHT becomes back to testosterone again. But in some cases it produces minimal low libido drop

It does not contain lactose but may have small traces

In xpecia the percentage of fatty acids is 102 mg per 340 mg of Saw Palmetto (recommended amount per day) that is we are talking about 30% fatty acids

There is no ingredient in Xpecia that contains Gluten.